(Vlahov Alexander Vlakhova Olga Monks Sergei , Roman Protsevskiy)

Energoinformation adaptometry
(program «MGV ver.2.1.»)

We offer a new method of testing a person that has no analogues in the world.

Matrix Graphic Vision версия 2.1
Energoinformation adaptometry
The method developed by Academician Alexander and Olga Vlakhova . The method can be used to solve a wide range of problems associated with obtaining information about a person or group of people.
For example , there may be :
Health assessment
Evaluation of mental status
Assessing the impact of pathogenic environmental factors on the subject
Control of the course of treatment
Assessment of the degree of adaptation to environmental conditions
The reproducibility of the methodology ( learning outcomes experienced specialist ) - more than 90 %.
Methodology Survey software module "Adaptometry " allows you to:
determine the energy disturbances in the holographic matrix and thereby reach a problematic level test visitor
evaluate the energy- adaptive ability of the organism
control matrix to conduct disorders in real time (which can not be tracked by other methods)
compare the graphs of two visits per visitor , monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of various methods of therapeutic intervention
identify the "core" of pathology ( both informational and physiological )
adequately monitor the results of the dynamics by biofeedback
optimize the choice of diagnostic method and algorithm of personalized therapy
to record and track the response extra trace energy- reaction of the body for a long time
for 10 minutes , removing the electrical resistance of concrete indicators points follevskim electroacupuncture device , get a graph aura ( dimensional and three-dimensional) . This will save considerable time visitor surveys as compared to conventional methods of research.
with a certain degree of probability (quite high ) suggests the presence of certain diseases
suggests the constitution of the person being tested and visitor base models of its behavioral responses.
Features a computer program "MGV ver.2.1."
A computer program consists of three main parts:
basic module for working with databases
module adaptometry
block the formation of recommendations
The program provides for the formation of the conclusion of the test with any details and illustrative material. Conclusion is based on a special " layouts conclusion " that the user can create their own system . For example, you can create a brief conclusion , which includes only a general health assessment . You can create a detailed report with details , references, illustrations and recommendations . The program has the ability to change the interface language .

The program is modular and individual modules that are not included in the base are included in the program customized .

Module "Adaptometry " - processing and interpretation of testing carried out :

Allows you to see a graphical representation of the aura in several versions and a comparison of two freely selectable scheduling of visits in both 2D and 3D dimension.

Assess several indicators , expressed in figures , which makes it easy to compare tests over time. The program allows you to apply " multi-level " interpretation of the results for different user groups .

Shows dysfunction adaptation % indicator "Risk Factors" reflects the probability of violation of the system ;

For users who are familiar with the concept of " energy centers " ( chakras) , a special module that describes the harmonious distribution of energy in the chakras .

Shows the so-called " Percentage of functional abnormalities " (PFD ), which actually describes the status of each oscillator bioenergy - chakras. This description is supplemented with brief information about the compliance of the meridians , and possible diseases that accompany their violation.

Module " Biorithms " - There is a possibility of optional equipment    
The module "Biorhythms" is a very simple, but flawlessly executed program for calculating biorhythms.
The principle of resonance, synchronicity and their dynamics is based on the concepts of the chakra function in informational adaptometry. An improved method of calculating the so-called physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive biological rhythms has been used with the aim of further studying them, analyzing the functional state of the organism and taking into account the adaptive correction planning.

A special feature of the module is the possibility of operational calculations by design with satisfactory accuracy of biorhythmic cycles, daily cycles of meridians, a 60-year cycle and critical, favorable and unfavorable days.
The module is intended for use by specialists for research purposes; Solution of applied problems; Studying and analyzing individual functional states of biorhythms and taking into account their features in the dynamics of adaptation.
The module contains graphs of biorhythms, diurnal biorhythms of meridians, a 60-year chart of biorhythms, a plate of favorable and unfavorable days.

Working with the module: we enter the date of birth and the name in the base module and automatically get the results in the form of a sinusoid. Each biorhythm is highlighted in its own color, if desired, you can also include the lunar cycle. Any of them you can turn off and turn on if you wish - by clicking on the biorhythm button. You can view the biorhythms by months, moving the sliders.
Ritmocenotic judgments are conducted by the operator on the basis of evaluation rules, integral combinations, that is, useful and harmful sums of the state of biorhythms. Details are set out in the program itself.
"MGV 2.1 + Biorithms module"   for all Windows 32 bit   - 199$

"MGV 2.1 + Biorithms module"  
for all Windows 64 bit   - 199$

"MGV 2.1 + Biorithms module"
  for all Windows system  - 299$
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