Adaptometry designed to obtain data on the energy- matrix human visualization of the information received in the graphic ( two-dimensional or three-dimensional ) form of monitoring activities of the energy centers of the human body . Is an ideal tool for rapid preclinical screening and monitoring of the test . Allows based on measurements of electro create a graphical picture of the human biofield .

Today, this test method is the most rapid and objective analysis of the system matrix and evaluation of human adaptation to the environment. Adaptometry energy-matrix - computer 3D model of the human energy- field , which gives the opportunity to see the schematic representation of the forces and the state of the human biofield.

The main advantage of this pre-clinical screening method lies in the fact that it is possible to obtain sufficient information about the general state of energy- system of the person , identifying information and adaptive energy imbalance.

It was established that in the locations bioostsilyatorov - chakras field matrix has its own characteristics, namely the existence of torsion vortex with three types of waves - standing, incoming and outgoing. In addition, the vortices can be seen as the outward expression of the corresponding harmonics of the evolutionary level of organization of matter. This interpretation is reinforced by the fact that the neighboring vortices bioostsilyatorov spinning in opposite directions. On this basis, we can assume that energy-holographic matrix includes all the information about a person, including genetic and fast current.

Scientific experiments have shown that the matrix field is recorded directly on the surface of the body and at a distance therefrom . Based on this we can conclude that the measurements made on the surface of the skin in biologically active points can be considered real and in real time.

The developed method , which has no analogues in the world , " non-medical , pre-clinical screening matrix adaptometry" - provides a timely opportunity to install energy- and hence the possible physiological abnormalities even in the pre-clinical stage , to determine the probability infovirusov presence.

To conduct adaptometry used worldwide approved method of R. Foll and developed computer program  MGV 2.1.
Method of Energoinformational Adaptometry (EA)
  Comparing the location and the level of damage to the matrix of endogenous bioostsilyatora - chakras and the corresponding meridians are able to determine the depth disadaptative and psycho-emotional disorders. You can spend an association with the archetype of the shadow. KG Jung calls the negative side or the problematic part of the human psyche shadow. Many people seeking to be rid of the problem, replacing it with the conscious level on a subconscious. After this problem begins to be projected to the outside world (as energy-clot on the matrix) and then considered as a part of it, supposedly stopping their stay inside the person.
  This approach helps to quickly identify "core disadaptative pathology "; understand the unconscious motives disease - «basic delusion»; determine the level of violation of the psychological and physiological adaptation .

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Using program MGV 2.1 solves the following problems :

1. Determination of power disturbances in the matrix and thus the output level of the patient to the problem .
2.  Defining the core pathology.
3. Monitoring the effectiveness of the recovery and adaptive functions in the application of different methods of therapeutic intervention;
4. Evaluation of adaptive abilities of the organism and adequate monitoring of the dynamics of the results of therapeutic intervention using biofeedback
5. Visualization of lesions computer viruses and foreign energy-effects on the matrix (which can not be traced by other methods )
6. The above suggests the need for a new disciplinary areas - energy- adaptometry in which you can significantly improve the capacity and efficiency of the human sciences through the use of our programs and the total system approach , without breaking , thus, existing traditional views of science.

Proposed to consider a program designed to assess the human aural electromagnetic field and allows measurements on the basis of electro create a graphical picture of the field around the person , to fix its geometry ( in arbitrary units ) as the "aura" of man.

To create a graphical representation of the state of the matrix vitality, conduct a series of measurements corresponding biologically active points , enter them into the program , which allows us to obtain indirect information about the changes in the matrix of human vitality .