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The device "Harmony 1" and the program "Eurasia 2.0"
Testing can be performed with the device "Harmony 1" offline, without connecting to a personal computer (PC) at the time of measurement (the measurement results are stored in the memory of the device), and then review and analysis of the results on a PC using "Eurasia 2.0" program . Also, measurement can be performed while connected to a PC device, and the result will be stored simultaneously in the device memory and in the memory of the program "Eurasia 2.0".
The main results of the test can be viewed on the display "Harmony 1", such as: information about the magnitude of the imbalance of energy-all of the test system, the degree of imbalance of two pairs of the most unbalanced of the Elements, the four most unbalanced in the physical layer of the meridian and related systems and organs of them. In this interpretation of the degree meridians imbalance at three levels (physical, psycho-emotional and intellectual). At the same time, you can get information about the problems in the spine at the level of the selected program segments. According to the results of testing to evaluate not only the physical condition of the test, but also his psychological state. The psychological state of the test is assessed by the dominance of yin and yang energy components: centrifugal and centripetal (E-extroversion - I-introversion), foot and hand (S-sensing - N-intuition), yin and yang (T-Logic - F-ethics) , right-left (J-rationality - P-irrationality) meridians of energy-system model of man.

Along with the test results you can see a list of medical specialists, who should be consulted to the patient, and the list of bioactive points, responsible for the restoration of its energy balance. For a detailed analysis of the results can be obtained values ​​of average electrical conductivity, the value of norm corridor, and deviation values ​​of conductivity and degree of imbalance of each meridian.

Full details on the results of testing by Method PEP "EURASIA" with the use of the Complex
"Harmony 1" gives the program "Eurasia 2.0" PC, allowing further review the level of detail on the meridians and the corresponding organs and systems, to clarify symptoms at three levels - physical , psihozhemotsionalnom, intellectual, associated with an imbalance of each meridian, as well as to determine the causes of distress and probable "biological age" of the patient. For user convenience, the program contains a guide to the systems and organs of the human and the most common diseases, often occurring at a particular meridian imbalance. The program also allows you to view the deformation of "energy field" man - in a two-and 3D-representation.
The program "EURASIA 2.0"
Software "Eurasia 2.0" included "Professional" Complex for testing of electro-person "Harmony 1". It is used in human diagnostics using a multifunctional programmable device "Harmony 1". The "Eurasia 2.0" can be used in conjunction with the device "Harmony 1" either when taking readings, as well as for the management of test results, prior to using the device in standalone mode, without connecting to a computer. common diseases, often occurring at a particular meridian imbalance. The program also allows you to view the deformation of "energy field" man - in a two-and 3D-representation.
Removing conductivity indicators of biologically active points in the «EURASIA» program:
As a result of the testing program "Eurasia 2.0":
builds a graph of the relative conductivity (EC);
determines the degree of imbalance of the whole energy-system;
computes the average electrical conductivity;
determines the norm corridor, individualized for each patient;
determines the average intensity of the meridians;
determines the average asymmetry of the electrical conductivity (EC) on the sides;
determines the difference between the amounts of centrifugal SP (E) and centripetal (AND) meridian;
determines the difference between the amounts of IP leg (A) and manual meridians (P);
It determines the difference between the amounts of EPO Yang - and Yin - meridians;
determines the difference between the amounts of EP right (No Left (L) channel meridians;
determines the degree of imbalance of the meridians and the Elements,% (seen individually) ivzaimovliyanie meridians;
calculate the "biological age" of the patient;
determines the risk of suicide, aggression, alcoholism, drug abuse, affect;
lists of doctors - specialists, which is recommended to apply the results of the testing;
It cites dynamics of psychological functions and possible accentuation;
It determines the probability of the relationship of energy imbalance of energy-system of the person with the type of constitution;
builds charts degree meridians and imbalance of the Elements;
reveals the degree of influence of each of imbalance for all energy-meridian system of man;
It reveals an imbalance pairs of meridians and brings the appropriate interpretation;
It provides information about the possible state of the spine and related segments;
It shows the relative agitation or retardation meridians;
identify stressors, issues recommendations to reduce sensitivity to stressors;
It provides recommendations on the impact on biological active points;
recommendations on homeopathy;
BAA on the application of the recommendations.
The program of "Eurasia 2.0" has a mode of "Level of detail", which allows to consider in detail the results of the physical, psycho-emotional and mental levels, and to clarify the symptoms accompanying the energy imbalance of each meridian.

Sub-program "Clarification of diagnosis" contains a comprehensive directory of human organs and systems, the description of the symptoms associated with an imbalance of a particular meridian and lists of possible syndromes (diseases) that may be the cause / consequence of the identified imbalance - distress. This routine allows the doctor to pay attention to specific human organs and systems, and assign additional studies to clarify the diagnosis and staging to identify the causes of distress.

Sub-program "The deformation energy field" gives two-dimensional and 3D image "energy field" of the patient, built on the basis of this test.

Sub-program "Word-stimulus" provides a list of words-stressors and their antonyms for
PEP "EURASIA" training.

"Eurasia 2.0" program as a subroutine contains the complete "typology 2011" functionality of the program to determine the psychological type of the patient in order to obtain additional data and clarification of symptoms according to the type of personality.

"Eurasia 2.0" program allows you to create a database of an unlimited number of patients patients grouped into different folders, to work simultaneously with different databases of patients tolerate the results of tests from / to any removable media (flash-drive) or the hard disk of another computer.
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